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Adult Study Groups

Wednesdays, January 9, 16, & 23, 2018
6:30–8 p.m. | Atrium

A commitment-free chance to learn something new and check out Cedar Valley’s study group format at the same time. 

January Term | Mini-Series

This year, we've built a mini-series for January Term. Each week is a stand-alone teaching that centers around the main series—"Church is stupid"—Jesus in the secular world.

"Church is stupid"—Jesus in the secular world

We live in a world that increasingly views the church as irrelevant or even harmful. This January Term we will take a deeper look at our culture and discover how we can better minister to the world around us.

Jan. 9 | Understanding the Secular World

Led by Ben and Aaron Pierce, Steiger International

In order to effectively reach anyone, you have to understand them. This session highlights the growing gap between church and secular culture and examines the defining characteristics and mindset of global youth culture.

Jan. 16 | Becoming Relevant

Led by Ben and Aaron Pierce, Steiger International

What does it look like to reach people with the hope of Jesus in a world that sees the church as something to be avoided? This session will explore the “us and them” mindset that exists and how we can take steps to break down barriers with people who think differently.

Jan. 23 | Not Of This World

Led by Jadee Jones and Neal Rich

Unity is always beautiful. That’s because it is so rare. God’s plan for the church is to be a beacon of light that reveals a glimpse of heaven. This session will explore how diversity can often divide us but could be a key element to reaching a secular world.

Life Groups Meet on Wednesday!

Did you know that there are some Life Groups that actually meet at Cedar Valley on Wednesday nights?

It's true! If you've never had the opportunity to be in a Life Group and you've always wanted to, now's the time.