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One week of camp is worth 52 weeks of church in the eternal impact it has on a child

Kids Camp

For kids entering grades 3–6 (ages 8-12) Fall 2018
Monday–Friday, June 25-29
Lake Geneva Christian Center, Alexandria, MN

Kids Camp is a special place where days are filled with fun, laughter, excitement, new friends, and worship in an environment that honors God and encourages spiritual growth. Our leaders provide loving and consistent Christian guidance in a nurturing and safe atmosphere.

God is the consistent focus throughout the entire week. Activities and classes are centered around Him. Each evening there's a service where kids are led into a time of incredible worship and a relevant message. Kids have the opportunity to experience God's love, be filled with the Holy Spirit, get called into ministry, and be healed, restored, and renewed. Camp changes kids' lives.



$256 Kids

Optional Camp T-Shirt: $12 
Optional Spending/Offering Money



Complete your registration online and you don't need need to hand in any forms! Our new two-step registration allows you to pay online and fill out and submit any needed forms electronically. Once you pay, an email will be sent to you with links to the required forms.


Because Cedar Valley believes so strongly in the mission of Kids Camp, we offer a one-time 50% sponsorship for all kids going into 5th or 6th grade in the fall. We also offer partial scholarships to help families with significant financial need send their kids to camp. To be eligible for a sponsorship or scholarship, a child must have attended Cedar Valley for the last six months (and been present at a Kids ministry at least 12 times during that period) and submit a camp registration form before the deadline.


Parent Information Meeting


Parents who have kids going to camp are requested to join us to go over important details.

My Kids Camp Story

My Kids Camp Story by Diane Kelly

I never had the opportunity to experience a Christian summer camp as a kid. As an adult, I use to think camp was all about friends and fun. When I volunteered as a camp counselor, I found it's about much more. Yes, friends and fun are part of camp, but God is the bigger part. God is the consistent focus throughout the entire week. Events and classes are centered around Him. Each evening there's a service where kids are led into a time of incredible worship and a relevant message. I saw hundreds of kids at the altar crying out to God, being filled with the Holy Spirit, getting called into ministry, being healed, restored, and renewed right before my eyes—I know firsthand that camp changes lives. Some of us invest hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in sports, drama, and electronic media for our kids. My daughter is only six years old, but I already know she will be going to camp each year. I'm committed to making that investment for her eternal future. Don't miss this opportunity to send your kids to camp!

My Kids Camp Story by Jono Gates

When I got offered the opportunity to be a counselor at Kids Camp, I was really surprised. I had no past experience with kids, so the thought of taking care of eight kids was kinda scary to think about. In my heart, I felt a strong urge that I should go. Uncertain of what would happen and nervous for what was to come, I decided to go where God was telling me to go. I expected the kids to be closed off from each other and not willing to talk as a group. To my surprise, they all opened up and made friendships very quickly. We had games, small group discussions, services, and snack time that they couldn't get enough of. During this week, not only did we all have the time of our lives, but the kids all grew closer to God in ways I didn't think an elementary school kid could. I truly believe that, during this week of camp, God works in each child's life. I can't wait for this year and what God is going to do!