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Hang out, eat, laugh, grow, and have fun!

Life Groups

A life group is a group of people who regularly get together for the purpose of growing closer to God and one another. Meetings can include prayer, Bible study, serving opportunities, talking about Sunday’s message, or just hanging out.

Groups consist of three or more people who gather weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly in various locations around the Twin Cities, including right here at Cedar Valley. They come in all shapes and sizes—married couples, singles, men, women, kids, no kids, coworkers, under 30, over 60—the list goes on.


Discussion Guides

If your group is meeting to discuss Sunday's messages, here are discussion guides to help!

Sunday's Discussion Guide

There'll be no discussion guides for December 17, 24, 31, or January 7. We encourage groups to celebrate the Holidays together!

December 10
December 3
November 26
November 19
November 12
November 5
October 29

Guía para la Discusión

No habrá los guias para la discusión en fecha del 17, 24, 31 de deciembre, o 7 de enero. ¡Nosotros queremos encorajar los grupos a celebraren los feriados juntos unos con los otros!

10 Diciembre
3 Diciembre
26 Noviembre
19 Noviembre
12 Noviembre
5 Noviembre
29 Octubre

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