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4th Qtr

Apr. 4–May 16, 2018
6:30–8 p.m.

Please register prior to attending.

Registration Opens Mar. 4

Study Options:

Making a Difference

Free Registration | Rm 305
Led by Josiah Kennealy, Young Adult Pastor & Greg Linz, Executive Pastor

The Bible says God has given each of us different gifts, and each of those gifts is vitally important. Uncover your gifts and discover how to use them here at Cedar Valley and in your own community.

Revealing God's Heart

Free Registration | Atrium
Led by Rachel Smith, Bible Teacher

Bible stories will come alive with new meaning and transform your relationship with God as you use historical context, maps, and the Bible to learn about what God values, the people He calls, and the reason our faith matters.

Parenting Together

Free Registration | Rm 299
Led by Vicki Graham, Family Life Pastor

Don’t you wish kids came with a how-to manual? Discuss relevant parenting topics (including parenting “at risk” kids, staying connected to your kids and your spouse, brain development, and more) with community experts and other parents who have been there.

Identity & Your Destiny

$15 Registration closes April 4 | Rm 28
Led by Lorelei Weidman, Prayer Pastor

Maybe you’ve let life experiences, low self-esteem, and other people define you and direct your course. But that’s not your true identity. Learn who God says you are and uncover the roadblocks that keep you from living the life He has for you.

Life Groups Meet on Wednesday!

Did you know that there are some Life Groups that actually meet at Cedar Valley on Wednesday nights?

It's true! If you've never had the opportunity to be in a Life Group and you've always wanted to, now's the time.  

Find out more.